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Notice - New free accounts will not be available until further notice. This step was necessary because of a high level of abuse from public users.

"Premium Account" Users may sign up here and
pay by credit card or PayPal.
Click here to begin the registration process.

What is the difference between a "Free Account" and a "Premium Account"?
Free accounts become available from time to time. These accounts are intended for the casual individual who requires web email. These accounts have a number of limitations placed on them to restrict potential abuse. Unlike other large providers who use software to read your email and deliver advertising we believe your email should remain private. As a result our system is entirely supported by premium subscriptions and free accounts are only available when extra system resources allow.

Premium accounts
are intended for more involved webmail users who send and receive a lot of email and require more storage than our free base users. These are available for a nominal yearly fee and have significantly more space as well as additional features as compared to the free accounts.

There are a number of new features planned for Premium Account holders and these will be introduced in the coming months.

Account type Free Account Premium Account
Cost free (when available) $2.00CAD/month*
Storage space 50mb 100mb
Maximum incoming message size 1mb 24mb
Maximum outgoing message size 512k 16mb
Banner Advertising Ads may appear None
  (currently unavailable) Signup Now

*Prices subject to change without notice for new accounts.

What are some of the planned "Premium Account" features?
Although the final implementation of all features has not yet been confirmed, here is a list of some we are looking at.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at

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